Sunday, December 16, 2012

An evening to remember,

High School Senior Prom, only once in a lifetime...
Have no idea how I ended become a prom committee when I just wanted to help out a little and yeap, kinda regretted taking up the responsibilities, dramas and shits before the night. Totally had no time to dress up and my make up seemed like it was my first time. Not to mention that we actually chipped in a few thousand (because most KK people are rich but kiamsiap -.-). After all, I'm glad it turned out better than I expected. Following pictures will do the talking,

w/ my two bitches I love most :) 
Hunting for prom dresses with them are the besstt! 

And my hot body guards ;)

two best malay buddies since primary!!

Table no.2 tapao-ed everything that night!! Why? Best dressed- Ryan & Li-Ying, prom king and queen- Zach & I. hahahha no, even though I was the prom committee, I swear I did not plan this. And I was pretty shy okay, look at the girl who's covering her face lololol

Woops, every girl likes pretty washroom :p

And my hair of the night, some expensive shit, so I had to post a picture of it lolol 

14th Dec 2012, another history made and definitely a great way to end my high school memories :) 

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