Saturday, January 19, 2013

Precious days


Forgive me for not updating any shit. My laziness has increased (and is still increasing . . . ) that even the word lazy can't be used to describe me anymore. Anyway, title says 'Precious days' so, obviously I'm gonna blog about some reeeeally great memories I had with people I treasure a looot. 

About a month ago, on the 18th of December if I'm not mistaken, went to Langkawi Island with a bunch of close friends; Li-Ying, Sean, Desmond, Ryan & Shueking. A word to describe the this trip? AWESOME POSSUM!!!! Okay that's like two words already lol 

All the exciting faces before our flight :D

Rent a car when we reached there so we could drive around ourselves  

And once we checked in our hotel and stuff, quickly changed and went to the beach immediately!! Ahh, I think I've mentioned a lot of times that I love love love going to a beach. Who doesn't right?

Candid by Ryan. 
Look at my super happy face when I was stepping on the lovely sand :))

Chill-ed a little and after our dinner, went for a walk at a pretty long kampung-ish street where they sell a lot of interesting things. And the most interesting things of all is... in this mall!!! 

See that word? DUTY FREEEEE! 

Okay lah, honestly it was also one of the main reason why we went to Langkawi. Super cheap alcohol omg. Seriously if you go to Langkawi and not touch alcohol, you are one... dumbdumb. Drinking games was on and trust me, the best thing about going to a trip with friends is when you see each other KO without worrying about driving home if you're drunk because you can just die. there. Sorry, no pictures because pictures when you're drunk is just, eww. 

Next morning, Island hopping!! :D 

 Kay, I know Sean look so yeng here. Well, all thanks to me for being a good photographer :p

Hahah luckily I have my personal pretty photographer to take some good shots of me too :p

After a looong enjoyable day under the sun, the guys just... died ↓

Oh btw, this is the girls' room cause their room were soo messy, full of shit everywhere, alcohol poured here and there, yeap, disgusting. Hahahha. Left the 2 lazy asses (Sean and Shueking) and then went to watch the sunset without them :p

 Soooo beautiful, Isn't it?
When the night comes... drank, again. Cause right, I feel bad to myself if I dont drink till I dieee. Alcohol there is really tooo cheap!! Second night was, WOW! Some puke vege, some puke chocolate. Ahahha & it was my first time seeing Sean and all others that drunk lol okay, actually I was the first to KO :x Only Sean and I felt better after a while so both of us talked about till the sun rises :) 

Third & last day...

Have no idea why Desmond was being so retarded that day. Perhaps, the alcohol maybe? Don't believe? Look.





Ahahahah kidding lah, so cute being retarded k. lol

 Anyway, I forgot what's the place called cause we call it "cable car" but it was really worth to go!! It's a very nice place to chill because of the super strong wind and wonderful sceneries ♥♥

Our last stop was at this pretty waterfall :)

hahahha, this picture is really funny to me. Sean and I were actually acting like it was a candid but truth is, we knew Ryan was taking pictures so we posed for the camera on purpose :p

Alright, that's it. The 3 days spent with them felt like as if it was only a day. Love every single bit of memories made with them ♥ 

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