Thursday, November 29, 2012


Many have been asking me, "SPM's over, what's your plan?"

Well, I'm just a typical girl. I asked quite a number of my girl friends about what are they gonna do and stuff like that, most of them answered, "Lose weight!!" "Manicure" "Shopping!!" etcetc. And of course, I'm just like any of them. Trust me, I have been sleeping at late hours just to go on instagram to look at pictures of beautiful girls, clothes, hair... Yes, hair!

I've always wanted purple hair.
Why purple? I personally like colours like blue, red, pink, and most of all, purple. Because in my point of view, if you wanna dye your hair then why not choosing the not too mainstream colours? Of course, I'm not asking you to dye rainbow colours or get some too 'lala' hairstyle. And ...don't you think guys with yeng hair are superb turn on? Hahahha

Sooo, on the day my SPM ended, I went to dye my hair. I wanted dip-dye with purple for the top and red for the bottom. Here's a picture of it:

Nah, I'm just kidding. Picture above is filtered to make it look more purple-ish and is quite similar to what I want. The outcome was quite disappointing at first because it didn't turn out to be the colour I wanted but after looking at the mirror for hours, ..."not bad laaah.", I told myself.

(Sorry, I'm just too obsess with my hair lololol)

Yeap, the result. What do you think? ;) 

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