Tuesday, November 27, 2012

5 years of high school

Back then when I was in lower secondary, I used to update my blog quite often compare to now. Have no idea why I stopped doing that but the reason I'm here again is to... help stalkers in stalking me hahahha ok jokes. It's actually because I like to recall back sweet memories. Few days back when I was still having my SPM, my bestie and I talked about how childish we acted when we were younger... Oh well, bittersweet memories. 

2012, Senior Year. Being called a 5 Science 1 student feels good but bad in a way. Frankly speaking, I'm the worst example of a first class student. Only reason why I was in this class was to prove a teacher wrong. Yeah, I'm probably the most playful and laziest student who loves to have fun but I still care about my academics and at least get an average result. SPM wasn't as bad as I thought. It was fun instead. Didn't felt the exam stress until the last paper, Biology. It's my weakest subject as I never touched it until the night before exam -.- 

That's it, here's a last picture of me in pinafore. High school life officially ended on 27th November 2012. 
And I believe my life after spm will be freaking awesome. Cheers!! 

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