Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kiss goodbye to high school life.

As title says, I've graduated from high school!
Sooo, I don't know about others, but I'm actually pretty excited for a new start of college life. Yeah, I bet most of you will be like... "You'll miss high school life, for sure." Well then, I'm different I guess? lol just maybe.

Following pictures are taken in Sunway University during SMKKK's Graduation'12

From left: Siew Yu, Poh Imm, me and Emily. We are known as the angels of 5 Science 1 hahahha ok jokes. Probably the laziest four  in class lol 

Clearer picture of Siew Yu and I, cause she's so prettyy! ;)

My entertainment in class, Yi Zhe.

The singing partner, Wye Ming.

The most helpful classmate you can ever find, Jun Xin.

Next... pictures with my 'hengdais' of course!  

Sean Heng, the one that holds onto Bro Code the most. He cares about his so called 'brothers' a lot, including me (Yes, because he treats me like a guy

Euwen, the cutest buddy. 

Ryan, the way he laugh is priceless.

Noob Desmond.

 & Zach D Awesome.

 Last but not least...

 the bestie, Li-Ying! ♥♥

And I'm sorry for not having pictures with some of you. Blame the school for not giving enough time lol

Alright now, done with the pictures, back to words. SPM trials was fine. Didn't get what I wanted but based on the effort I put in, I should be very happy with 6A's & 3B's. (But I'm not wtf -.-) Someone asked me, "You seemed so relax when SPM is just around the corner, SPM too easy for you is it?" Frankly speaking, I was also wondering why am I still slacking like mad. And then I think again, my motivation got defeated by laziness. Less than 35 days to go, am still finding ways to turn on my nerd mode.

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