Thursday, January 9, 2014

two zero one three

Its weird for me to be here after 82659992 years of not touching my dusty and rusty blog. Perhaps just a random update for me to read in the future to at least recall some memories of past few months :)

Its year 2014 already. To be honest, life in 2013 was like riding a roller coaster. It could be one of the worst year but also one of the best year. A year where I was at the lowest point of happiness and slowly go through every bitter steps to get back up again. Well also maybe because I've never lost people I cared a lot for. But this is life. Things change and people leave. One by one.. Indeed a bittersweet year and I'm thankful for people who stood by me.

Being 18 years old was fun. I remembered how often I stepped into clubs for that few months after my 18th birthday ..till I got bored of the hangover feeling and I actually hate it now that I only drink once in a blue moon lolwtf I know its quite hard to believe but its true. At the same time, studying MUFY wasn't easy but people that I've met in college filled my days with colours.

Picture taken at the airport on the 6th day of our trip to Kuching, Sarawak.

What I missed most was staying back after our classes to 'study' but in fact we were just making noise in the auditorium. That also explains my not very satisfying results lol 

..And till our graduation night :) 

Besides, 2013 wouldn't be great without my lovely bitch :) Went on a short trip to Penang on the 17th of December along with our best companion. 

12 years of friendship and still counting ♥ Been to trips with her even more than my family hahah. 

Thats the summary of my 2013 and lastly, welcomed 2014 with this bunch in a hotel just chilling with our gold label :) 

With love, Jade. 

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