Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Come and go

I have so much to say but I've swallowed most of it. Believe it or not, I've already expected the unexpected. Last few words of my last post were 'Love how my life is right now, hopefully everything stays the same' because at that time, I already knew everything was gonna change. And ...yeap, I was right but I didn't know it was gonna be that fast.

I was sort of depressed about how people around me changed so much, so much that even some of my close friends are like strangers to me already. And the worst thing is we human can only get hurt by the ones we really care. Funny, right?

I can't believe my legal eighteenth birthday was one of my worst birthday, ever. It's not about the test I had on that day, I failed it anyway. I don't need a big party or celebration, all I wanted was just to spend time with a few person who WERE quite important to me. But sad to say, none of them actually willing to make the time for me...after everything I did for them. You know, everyone will get tired of being too nice without being appreciated. Hah, I guess I should really get used to it.

After all, it wasn't that bad anyway. My family members were the first ones to put a smile on my face. Secondly, I was really surprised when my college friends bought me a baskin robins ice cream cake. And I was even more surprised when Viv remembers my favourite flavour!! Besides that, I will not forget how someone made my day by just accompanying me when I was unhappy and giving me my very first birthday present. Of course, other birthday presents and some of the birthday wishes I received made me feel so touched :')

A picture of most of my coll friends + KK friends @Redbox

& also celebrated with other March babies @Vertigo :)
PS/: Other pictures of us are too drunk to post lol 

March 2013 is definitely a month to remember. How everything changed in a month time and how I learnt not to give a damn about people who never care for me. After all, I'm still grateful for what I have :) 

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